Hassle-free international health sales

Health Compass is a new technology solution that will revolutionise how intermediaries access the international private medical insurance market.
We will help you quickly build a valuable and long-term revenue stream for your business.

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A new International health insurance solution – designed for intermediaries


Building customer loyalty and increasing the lifetime value of clients are top intermediary priorities.
International private medical insurance (IPMI) could be a vital to protecting both your clients’ health and their assets.
You might be an IPMI expert or have a few clients each year needing this type of cover. But with so many product variations on the market, it’s almost impossible to recommend precisely the right policy for your clients.
Obtaining provider quotes can be slow too, especially when you’d prefer to process applications on-the-spot.

Changing the face of IPMI

The Health Compass technology will allow intermediaries to easily choose from hundreds of cover options, get an immediate quote and process the policy in real time.



The market has been crying out for a fast and efficient way to provide a seamless connection between insurance providers and distributors. For the system to work it needed to be easy to use, instinctive in the way it allows brokers to navigate the site and choose the cover their clients require. The Benefits Scoring Analysis helps new brokers to easily differentiate between covers, with the reassurance that full compliance is at the heart of its operation.


Insurance company

We are delighted to see a turn-key digital solution that enhances our ability to advise and sell IPMI products. Our staff find the solution easy to use, and we welcome the security and regulatory assurance it delivers. What sets Health Compass apart is the way in which it allows us to select the precise cover our clients need from the major insurers’ product offerings and handle all elements of the sale and commissions through the system.




The founder

David Eline

David is the founder and CEO of Health Compass. He is passionate about helping intermediaries succeed in the IPMI market.

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